Tourism, Catering, Leisure and Services

Management of health and safety in the work place for the tourism, catering, leisure and service industries

The flexibility of 4HSE means that it is the ideal software for companies which have seasonal employees and which have to manage seasonal levels of work. This is the case of hotels, restaurants, Spas, tourist operators and services in general.

What you can do with 4HSE

Enter locations and manage information and roles

Map work environments, equipment and substances

Describe and manage work phases

Carry out risk evaluation

Enter the safety organisation chart

Manage PPEs: registration, assignment and validity

Plan training: courses and editions

Establish maintenance plans for equipment and environments

Set up health monitoring

Enter and archive documents (unlimited space)

Manage expiry dates: calendar and alerts

The HSE software for the management of safety in the work place for the tourism, catering, leisure and service industries


The advantages:

  1. Possibility to create numerous locations with no variation in cost
  2. Unlimited number of users
  3. Automatic back-up
  4. System of notices and alerts
  5. Cloud and Web-based


4HSE, is the safety in the workplace software which permits you to keep track of all the activity involved in the management of health and safety in the work place, such as the management of maintenance, training and health surveillance, the data entry of personnel and roles, as well as registering the assignment of PPEs, mapping of work environments and work phases where subjects, substances and equipment involved are indicated.

With 4HSE it is possible to carry out risk evaluation with the use of the PxD matrix.

All the projects created on the platform, can be shared with colleagues in different locations (or sales points), by creating differential access based on the roles covered.

The storage space for all the documents related to the project is unlimited as is the number of users, which it is possible to add to each project and which can simultaneously work together in real time.

4HSE is a safety in the workplace cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) software, which can be used on a desktop or tablet and is available in multiple languages (Italian and English are the default, other languages can be added upon request).

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