New tool: The Office copy tool!

With the latest version of the HSE management software, the possibility of duplicating a site within a safety project has been introduced. A useful feature in particular for those who have to manage multiple companies and therefore multiple safety projects, … Read More

The latest updates: 4HSE 2.0

4HSE 2.0: What changes with the latest platform update New Training section courses and editions simplified interface with training overview (completed, expired, to be delivered, etc.) issuing of personal training certificates New Maintenance section simplified interface with an overview of … Read More

Deadline management and the Schedule

Deadline management: the point after the latest software updates The latest innovations introduced in our HSE software (for more information see: Notifications and Digest: new features), have involved the whole system for managing deadlines and the schedule of the software, … Read More

Notifications and digest: new features!

New EHS platform update! The new update of 4HSE, the EHS management software, revolutionizes and improves the entire system of software notifications, maximizing the possibility of customizing this feature according to one’s needs. The news concern the possibility of: define … Read More

API documentation

APIs & Developers informations Where can I find API documentation? Documentation on all of our APIs is available by filling out the following form: API documentation request.

Diplomas, certificates and nominations: creating and personalizing templates

Upload and personalize templates directly on the platform As well as the templates supplied by 4HSE, the user can enter and create their own templates directly on the platform and associate them to the type of information that needs to … Read More

Injury, accidents, non-conformity and near-miss: the register

Reporting: injuries, accidents, non-conformity and near-miss The register of events. In this section it is possible to add any injuries, non-conformities, accidents and near miss. As well as a description of the event, the dynamics and the subjects involved, it … Read More

Safety in the workplace management: 5 things to know before choosing the software most suited to you

WHICH IS THE BEST SOFTWARE? The eternal question to which the wrong answer is often given. During the process of choosing a software for managing safety in the workplace multiple subjective factors come into play that depend on the individual … Read More


Generation and printing of documents and certificates: training, health surveillance, reports, nominations and technical documents The new release has added the possibility to generate and print the following documents: Attendance certificates for a specific course edition Environment document Assessment of … Read More


Manages expiry dates, alerts and risk assessment 4HSE is the HSE software designed for the management of Health and Safety in the workplace. Designed for companies as well as health and safety consultants and professionals, who are looking for a … Read More