Public entities

Occupational Health and Safety Management for Public Entities

A Comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety tool

In the Public administration there is a need to clarify roles and responsibilities regarding health and safety at work as well as monitoring deadlines for maintenance and other structural interventions imposed by legal obligations.

EHS management

Comprehensive management

4HSE allows you to manage the safety projects of the various facilities, entering the details of personnel such as master data, tasks and PPE delivered, material resources (work environments, equipment, substances) and mapping work environments and work phases.

We provide you with unlimited space for storing files and documents and also the ability to create an unlimited number of users with differentiated access according to the role.

Real time collaboration


The strong point of 4HSE is definitely the possibility to fully exploit the strength of the team. This is a concept on which we focus a lot and is the reason why we have not set limits to the number of users that can be activated.

Activating the plan (monthly or annual) you will have the possibility to share information with your customers and work simultaneously with your team. 4HSE is provided in SaaS (Software as a Service), a feature that guarantees you free periodic updates with improvements and new features.

Manage the deadlines

Full control

From the platform you can also manage all deadlines related to training, maintenance and health surveillance, keeping track of all deadlines on the calendar and avoiding forgetfulness thanks to the system of email notifications, and perform risk assessment by entering the prevention actions to be taken.

A suite of services

Services included in the subscription

Not only an EHS software, but also several tools to integrate the software into your IT infrastructure, confidential plans and customization options.

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