Education and Research

Health and safety in the work place management for schools, universities and research centres

For the education industry, the regulations state that both school and university students are to be considered on a par with workers, in both the public and private sectors.

It therefore emerges both in schools and universities the need to guarantee the safety of students and workers by setting up preventative measures and creating safe workplace conditions.

What you can do with 4HSE

Enter locations and manage information and roles

Map work environments, equipment and substances

Describe and manage work phases

Carry out risk evaluation

Enter the safety organisation chart

Manage PPEs: registration, assignment and validity

Plan training: courses and editions

Establish maintenance plans for equipment and environments

Set up health monitoring

Enter and archive documents (unlimited space)

Manage expiry dates: calendar and alerts

4HSE software for the health and safety in the workplace management of schools, universities and research centres.

The advantages:

  1. Possibility to manage numerous locations with no variation in cost
  2. Unlimited number of users
  3. Automatic back-up
  4. System of notices and alerts
  5. Cloud and SaaS

With 4HSE it is possible to monitor the expiry dates regarding training courses and health surveillance, with the possibility to set a system of alerts and notices which will be sent when the expiry is imminent. As well as mapping the environments and the work phases, it is possible to enter the personal data of personnel, equipment/strong>, PPEs and substances.

It is also possible to carry out risk evaluation analyses directly on the platform, calculating the initial risk and residue risk after having put adequate preventative actions into place.

4HSE is a cloud and SaaS software, usable directly on your browser. It includes free periodic updates, unlimited storage space and the possibility to add an unlimited number of users to the safety project by creating differential access based on the role covered.

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