Education and Research

EHS management system for schools, universities and research centres

Health and safety of students and operators

For the education sector, the legislation specifies that pupils are equated in all respects to the figure of the worker, whether they belong to public or private schools and universities.

Therefore, in both schools and universities, the importance of ensuring the safety of students and workers emerges, providing preventive measures aimed at

to train staff and create the conditions for a safe working environment.

Tracking and notifications

Comprehensive management

With 4HSE it is possible to monitor the deadlines for training courses and health surveillance, with the possibility of setting up a system of alerts and notifications that will be sent when the deadline approaches. In addition to the mapping of work environments and work phases, it is possible to assess risks and enter the master data of personnel, equipment, PPE and substances.

Real time collaboration


The main advantage of 4HSE is undoubtedly the possibility to make the most of team work. A concept we fully believe in and it is the reason we have not limited the number of users.

When you activate a plan (monthly or annually) you have the possibility to create an unlimited number of users with varying levels of access (manager, admin, user), to share information with clients and to work simultaneously with the other members of your team.

Software As A Service


4HSE occupational safety software is provided in SaaS (Software as a Service), a feature that guarantees you free periodic updates with enhancements and new features.

All updates and new versions of the software are free and included in the price of your plan.

A suite of services

The Services included in the subscription

Not only an EHS software, but also several tools to integrate the software into your IT infrastructure, confidential plans and customization options.

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