Building and Construction

Management of health and safety in the work place for the building and construction industries

The considerable amount of risk faced by construction workers means that the construction industry is probably where most attention is paid regarding legislation and safety in the work place.

In this sector there are generally a number of temporary sites to be managed and this means multiple security projects need to be created.

What you can do with 4HSE

Enter locations and manage information and roles

Map work environments, equipment and substances

Describe and manage work phases

Carry out risk evaluation

Enter the safety organisation chart

Manage PPEs: registration, assignment and validity

Plan training: courses and editions

Establish maintenance plans for equipment and environments

Set up health monitoring

Enter and archive documents (unlimited space)

Manage expiry dates: calendar and alerts

4HSE software for the management of health and safety in the building and construction industries


The advantages:

  1. Possibility to create numerous construction sites with no variation in cost
  2. Unlimited storage space for documents
  3. Access with differential permits
  4. System of notices and alerts
  5. Cloud e web-based


4HSE permits the management of health and safety in the workplace in different construction sites from a single interface. From the software’s control panel it is possible to monitor the status of training, health surveillance and maintenance with a system of alerts sent via email which will remind you of imminent expiry dates. After having entered equipment, substances and work phases it is possible to carry out risk evaluation with the PxD matrix, identifying the preventative actions (PPE and training) to undertake.

The platform offers the possibility to share projects with colleagues even if they are not physically on the construction site (the software can be used on desktops and tablets), by creating differential access and different privileges based on the roles covered. Our software also does not have a limit on storage space for archiving documents.

4HSE is a cloud software available in SaaS (Software as a Service). Therefore you have the guarantee of using a software which is always up to date with the latest version available. All the updates and new versions are free and included in your plan.  

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