Building and construction

Health and Safety Management system for Building and Construction.

The ideal ally for the management of Health and Safety

The significant amount of hazards that construction workers are exposed to means that the construction industry is perhaps the one that workplace safety legislation pays the most attention to.

It is also an industry where you generally have more temporary construction sites to control, which also means more safety projects to create.


One platform

4HSE allows you to manage the Health and Safety of all worksites from a single interface. From the control panel of the software you can monitor the status of training, health surveillance and maintenance with the email alert system that will remind you of upcoming deadlines.

After entering equipment, substances and work phases you can perform risk assessment with the PxD matrix, identifying the preventive actions to be taken.

Software As A Service


4HSE is a SaaS (Software as a Service). You are therefore guaranteed to use software that is always updated to the latest version available. All updates and new versions are free of charge and included in your subscription plan.

Real-time collaboration

Sharing information

The platform offers the possibility to share projects with colleagues even with those who are physically present at the worksite (the software can be used from desktop and mobile), creating differentiated accesses and different privileges according to the role covered. Moreover, our software does not provide space limits for document storage.

A suite of services

The Services included in the subscription

Not only an EHS software, but also several tools to integrate the software into your IT infrastructure, confidential plans and customization options.

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