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Smart features for an easy to use Software

Human resources
People management
Jobs management
Safety Organization Chart
Material resources
Work environments
Equipment and substances
Work phases
Work phases management
Risk assessment
Prevention measures
Training management
PPE management
Maintenance scheduler
Procedures management
Medical Surveillance
Management tools
Multiprojects timetable
OSHA Recordkeeping
Incident management
Nonconformance Management
Near Misses
Documents archive (unlimited)
Multiprojects management
Generation and printing of documents
Customizable Templates
Other features
Automated notifications
Unlimited users
Unlimited space
Real-time collaboration
Data Import&Export
Automated backup
Differents users access
Multicompanies Control panel
White label
Technical Support
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The convenience and security of cloud

Info and integrations

For any information or assistance, you can send your request by using the contact form inside the platform. We offer a complete API system for our customers, for further informations fill the form: API documentation

Payments supported

Supported circuits: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Payment via bank transfer is only available for the purchase of annual plans. The amount corresponds to the indicated plan and will be automatically debited after 30 days.

Secure payments

Our site is based on the SSL and HSTS protocol guaranteeing users privacy and data security. Sensitive data is encrypted according to the security standards defined in the norms.


4HSE is supplied in SaaS (Software as a Service), it is a cloud software which does not require installation. It is supplied on free trial for 15 days, at the end of which you can confirm or decline the activation of the service. Any doubts contact us!


How can I find out about tariff plans reserved for safety in the workplace advisors?

To discover the tariff plans reserved for professionals and safety in the workplace advisory companies, contact us and we can give you all the information required.

Can I request an on-line demo of the software?

It is possible to request a free on-line presentation demo with our experts from this link: Request Demo.
Our staff will show you in detail the functions of 4hse and answer all your questions.

Can I pay for a monthly subscription by bank transfer?

Bank transfer payments are only permitted in the case of the purchase of an annual plan.

What happens if I do not have enough credit available on my card?

In the case of the payment being declined due to lack of funds on the card, the user will be sent a notice of suspension of the account via email. If 10 days pass from the sending of the email and the balance of the amount not being paid the account will be suspended.

In which circumstances will my account be suspended?

The only case in which the account will be suspended is if it is impossible to renew the service (see above: “What happens if I do not have enough credit available on my card?”). The suspended account is not cancelled and it is possible to reactivate it by simply renewing the payment of the chosen plan.

What languages does the software support?

The platform gives the possibility to choose between two languages: Italian and English. If you need more or some specific languages please, contact us.

Do you want more details?

For any further information, please contact us.