EHS Managers and consultants

Health and Safety management platform for EHS Consultants and Professionals


EHS Managers and consultants

The 4HSE platform is designed to simplify the work of companies but also the work of EHS consultants and professionals regarding health and safety in the workplace, allowing them to focus on operations that add value and avoid wasting time on routine operations or searching for documents.


Work with your team

The main advantage of 4HSE is undoubtedly the possibility to make the most of team work. A concept we fully believe in and it is the reason we have not limited the number of users.

When you activate a plan (monthly or annually) you have the possibility to create an unlimited number of users with varying levels of access (manager, admin, user), to share information with clients and to work simultaneously with the other members of your team.


Dedicated tools

On the control panel you can monitor all your clients health and safety projects. 4HSE can be used on desktops and mobile and which does not require any software installation, it is also a SaaS (Software as a Service) a characteristic which guarantees free periodic up-dates with improvements and new functions. All up-dates and new versions of the software are free and included in your plan.

EHS software for professionals: All projects in one place

A powerful tool that provides users with all the functionality needed to manage Health and Safety.

Password: no limits!

Unlimited users
No limit to the number of users that can be activated with the possibility of involving the customer.
Multi-projects management
Specific control panel for the management of multiple companies.
Access with different permits
Access with differentiated permissions and real-time sharing.
Document archive
Unlimited space for storing files and documents.

A suite of services

Not only an EHS software, but also several tools to integrate the software into your IT infrastructure, confidential plans and customization options.

  • White label
  • API
  • Onboarding
  • Reserved plans
  • Training
  • Support

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