People search, upcoming tasks and digest: what’s new in version 2.23.0!

Here are the news of the new release of our EHS software:

  • People search tool: within 4HSE it is now possible to carry out an advanced search of the people in the platform database, filtering by:
  1. Office
  2. Job
  3. Action
  4. Work phases
  5. Risks
  6. Organization unit
  7. Company role
  8. Type (worker or external)
  9. Text search
  • Customization of activities with status “Expiring”:: the possibility to customize the setting of the number of previous days of the action in which to consider it as “due” has been introduced (eg. I choose to consider an action as “due” 7 days before its effective expiration). It is possible to enter a different time interval for each type of action, these will be automatically inherited by all actions of the same type unless otherwise specified.
  • Digest and Notifications, customized time and test: introduced the possibility to customize the time of receipt of notifications and digest and the testing tool to verify, independently, the effective functioning.

Together with the introduction of these new features, our technical team has completed several improvement tasks in terms of content and interface improvement. We report them below:

Code n°: HSE – 285 Modified help of the person detail in the project window

Code n°: HSE – 284 Added detail Events tab of the person in the project window

Code n°: HSE – 283 Modified Help for material resources details

Code n°: HSE – 282 Modified Help for action details

Code n°: HSE – 281 Added Events tab to action details

Code n°: HSE – 278 Added Events menu in action window

Code n°: HSE – 275 Added Events tab to Material Resources

Code n°: HSE – 272 Org Role not filtered by project_id

Code n°: HSE – 269 Update of the Project window icons

Code n°: HSE – 268 Reorder the menu items in the Partner window

Code n°: HSE – 267 Added “partner_id” field to the detail form Control panel/Partner/details