New Framework and new Widget designer: version 2.28.0 out!

Increased stability in Form creation and the ability to send emails to individuals outside the project.

The introduction of the new development Framework is a somewhat “nerdy” topic in the latest version of 4HSE. First, let’s provide an explanation, for non-technical individuals, of what it entails.

What is a Framework?

A Framework is a software infrastructure that helps developers have basic guidelines to follow during code development. In other words, it can be defined as a set of tools and instructions that aid in building software faster and more cohesively.

Introduction of the new "Kalo" Framework

new graphical framework called “Kalo” has been developed and will be used in 4HSE. It specifically applies to the widgets used for implementing and customizing user-created Forms. While the ability to create Forms within the platform already existed, both the Editor itself and the Widgets have been redesigned and re-implemented following the newly adopted Framework.

From a user’s perspective, there aren’t many visible changes, but the underlying structure is now more stable and performant.

Emailing individuals not associated with the project

In the fields dedicated to actors (Responsible, Delegate, Observer), it is now possible to directly enter the email of a registered user in the platform. Consequently, a user registered in the platform can receive notifications even if they are not necessarily associated with a Project Person.

Note: The email must always be registered within the Platform.