Events and Project Cancellation, new software update: version 2.27.0 out!

Latest news

A “light” update that nevertheless improves usability by increasing the overall efficiency of the EHS software. This update confirms the main direction of our technical team’s efforts to continually improve the user experience. Let’s see the new features of the new version:

External Event Window

It is now possible to open a single event in a detail window and manage it separately outside the location window.

Event Section Added to People Window

Inside the person’s window, the “Events” section has been added, which displays the events in which the person has been involved.

Project Deletion

Projects in the “canceled” state are no longer visible in the project list in the multi-company panel.

Other minor interventions and bug fixes

  • Non-functioning course session location modification
  • Error in DUVRI printing
  • Added action type column in certificate export
  • Hidden global data in deadline filters