New schedule released!

New version (v.2.17.0) and new schedule!

With the release of the new version of the EHS software, we have rethought the schedule by adding some features and improving others, including:

  • detail of the selected row: all the tabs you can see at the bottom were not there before. To have all this information accessible directly from the scheduler is a great convenience.
  • Possibility to modify and create items directly from the details, for example enrolling a person in an edition of a course, or inserting an equipment in a maintenance order
  • Filters on pre-filled dates, such as previous month, previous 3 months and the like. Previously it was always necessary to enter the start and end date of the interval
  • possibility of issuing a certificate directly from the selection: certificates are the “documents” that attest to the completion of a certain prevention/protection action, their issuance is one of the most important and frequent insertion operations

In addition to these new features, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • [HSE-5799] – Add person to session delivery ppe not working
  • [HSE-5801] – NotifyV2Manager also scrolls all template project locations
  • [HSE-5827] – Unit of measure view without id
  • [HSE-5831] – Schedule: project list not updating
  • [HSE-5832] – Schedule: filter on last certificate issue in the future
  • [HSE-5835] – Wrong contextual help
  • [HSE-5838] – Hide actors configuration on not accessible projects