New People Search Dashboard: Version 2.26.0 is here!

What's new in version 2.26.0

New People Search Dashboard

By clicking on the “People” icon located on the desktop, it is possible to view the list of all the people to whom we have access. Through the advanced search bar, present on the left side of the dashboard, it is possible to search for people regardless of the project to which they belong.

In the part below the list of people, however, all the details of the selected person are shown, including contact details, work phases, duties and roles.

The other interventions added

  • added “security role” filter on Project/People
  • added “Work phases” tab in Project/Location/People
  • implemented extrafield “office” on ViewPerson
  • Improved field asset export in .csv format
  • period window: restore correct closing of tooltips after hover