The latest updates: 4HSE 2.0

New Document Organization Now Files/Certificates

After a few years since their introduction, we have rethought the documents in 4HSE. We realized that their usage could be unclear as it overlapped the concept of a document with that of a file. A document is an abstract object that can be created and managed through various media (paper, email, files, etc.). With the recent introduction of certificates, we added a new component in preparation for the replacement of documents.

Additionally, many users have requested the ability to set expiration dates for documents. Although this was already possible through procedures, it was quite complex to understand and manage operationally.

Therefore, we decided to rework the way documents are managed in 4HSE.

On one hand, there are the “simple” files: if you want to upload images, technical sheets accompanying equipment, or similar items, you can use the new files section.

Now it is much simpler; just an upload (or drag & drop) is enough to add a file.

On the other hand, there are certificates.

Certificates are documents that are not necessarily linked to a file (you might have a piece of paper in your archive) that you can add directly to a location, equipment, or other items. You can add certificates manually, or you can set up actions (training, maintenance, procedures, etc.) to generate them for you.

Document Migration

All documents from the old section have been converted into files.

If a document had multiple versions, each version has been migrated into a separate file. The directory organization has been maintained and fully migrated.

We have added a new tool, available to you until 12/31/2020, which allows you to convert one of your old documents into a certificate. The documents that can be converted into certificates are those that were located in a site. You can access this migration wizard by opening the files section of a site and selecting the ship-shaped button in the toolbar.

Actions in an External Window

It is now possible to open actions (Courses, Maintenance, Health Surveillance, Procedures, Personal Protection) in an independent window.

This new functionality brings two improvements:

  1. We can focus on the individual action and see only the relevant information. For example, we no longer have to search through all course editions; in this window, we will have a list of editions for the specific course opened.
  2. We can open the action from the point where it is referenced without having to navigate from one menu to another and perform searches.

In the figure, we opened the course “Specific Risk Training (8 hours)” from the list of actions for the “Plowing and Harrowing” work phase. We then selected the edition from May 7, 2018, to see the results for the participants.