Under the Christmas tree…comes the new version of 4HSE! 2.25.0

Let’s close this 2022 full of satisfactions with a new software update, now in version 2.25.0 and obviously we are already working on the news that will arrive in 2023. Next year will be full of new surprises and of course…features!

The highlights of the last release of the year

  • New suggestions

The old suggestions present until today in the panel on the right of the desktop have been completely revisited, improved and integrated within the schedules (global, person, location).

  • New contextual help

The contextual help previously present in the panel on the right of the desktop has been integrated into the individual windows. The button (?) is present on the toolbars of tables and forms which, if pressed, takes you back to the help relating to the reference section with the possibility of opening the page directly within Academy.

  • Automatic certificate expiry calculation

Two new fields have been inserted inside the certificates to define their validity. By default, the validity of the certificate is filled in automatically, referring to the validity of the action connected to it, but it can also be customized if you prefer to do so. Based on the validity of the certificate and the date of issue of the latter, the relative expiry date of the certificate is automatically proposed.

  • New features for Form Widgets and Force Save for the editor

Once the Widget player is closed, if there are any unsaved changes, the user is asked to confirm closing. The history, Undo and Redo functions have been added on data compiled in form-type widgets.

The other jobs

  • added “Project Name” column in notifications
  • translations of notifications obtained from the new translation system
  • minor bug fixes and system stability and performance improvements
  • contextual Help update in the Academy portal