Password: innovation! The revolution of MATE-XT Exoskeletons

The MATE-XT device is a portable passive exoskeleton, i.e. without motors. A wearable garment, designed to facilitate the user’s upper limbs.

Last October, Comau Spa launched the MATE-XT 4.0 exoskeleton, the world’s first carbon fiber exoskeleton with an EAWS ergonomic screening system not using any motor or batteries.

This innovative product promises to revolutionize manual activities in the workplace by reducing the muscolar effort by 30%.

MATE-XT, latest version 4.0, is the result of the collaboration in R&D between AZeta Solutions srl operating in the field of industrial automation for more than 30 years and Comau Spa an Italian company part of the Stellantis group, specializing in robotics with a focus on anthropomorphic robots and collaborative robots.

The MATE-XT passive portable exoskeleton

The MATE-XT device is a portable passive exoskeleton, i.e. without motors.

A wearable garment, designed to facilitate the user’s upper limbs in flexion-extension movements when lifting objects working jointly on three different parts of the body: back, waist and arm.

Once worn, the exoskeleton actually prevents the operator from making incorrect movements, reducing the risks of biomechanical overload.

The real strength of MATE-XT is its interchangeability. The device can easily swapped between operators and adjusted to the wearer’s physicality in less than 60 seconds.

Application areas

In every company from any industry we find at least one person performing an activity with his or her body. Whether a person is moving a package in logistics, working at an assembly line, or using a tool during maintenance activities these work processes can all be enhanced by the use of an exoskeleton.

Typical applications of MATE-XT:

  • Screwing with raised arms;
  • Sealing with raised arms;
  • Assembly operations with raised arms;
  • Underbody operations in the automotive sector;
  • Cleaning operations with arms raised;
  • Arms up painting operations;
  • Logistics operations;
  • Manual loading/unloading operations;
  • Manual collection operations.

The device is resistant to dust, water and UV rays and can be used for any task: bare-handed use, use of tools, handling loads of any weight.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, a real problem

The numbers at national and European level on work-related musculoskeletal disorders speak for themselves and show the need to take effective countermeasures immediately:

  • They have an economic cost at European level of 240 billion euros (2% of GDP)
  • In 2008, 40% of reported occupational diseases were musculoskeletal disorders, while in 2020 the percentage has risen to 70%, a remarkable surge.

AZeta solutions and 4HSE: a partnership founded on innovation

When two companies that put innovation at the heart of their business model, a natural consequence is a partnership.

“The Industrial Exoskeletons market has expanded reamrkably in recent years, and the requests from companies are constantly increasing. The training course for those working in the safety field (EHS manager, consultants etc) does not currently include in-depth coverage of exoskeletons. Actually they are not even mentioned. This is why we were looking for a recognized partner who could help us communicate such important information to the world of Health & Safety operators, and in 4HSE we found a company really responsive to new technologies, in step with the times and eager with us to change the world of safety by improving daily work routines of operators.” explains Elisa Stivan, Sales & Marketing Specialist of AZeta Solutions srl

So, a common Vision that points with a certain ambition at a modernization of the world of Health and Safety at work, with the development of technological supports available to EHS operators and wrkers.

Starting from these premises, our teams are actually working to integrate MATE-XT with 4HSE starting from the inclusion of Exoskeleton Management in the platform at the level of equipment and procedures. We expect to achieve full interoperability between device and software in the coming months.