CSA STAR Self-Assessment

CSA STAR Self-Assessment 3.1

The Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR, https://cloudsecurityalliance.org) program includes key principles of transparency, rigorous auditing and harmonization of standards.

Companies using STAR indicate best practices and validate the security practices of their cloud offerings.

In addition, the STAR registry documents the security and privacy controls provided. This publicly accessible ledger allows customers to evaluate their suppliers to make the best purchasing decisions.

As part of the AGID Certification process of the Cloud Saas Service for the Public Administration. 4HSE undertakes to comply with these principles and has published its Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) version 3.1.0 (Self Assessment) through which it provides detailed information on how compliance, risk management, security and protection requirements are met. personal data.

The CSA STAR SELF ASSESSMENT questionnaire was published in the nel Cloud Security Alliance registry.

Direct link to the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire v3.1