A new tool: the widget editor for creating forms, checklists and much more!

The Widget Editor is certainly the most interesting new feature of the 2.24.0 version of the software.

Custom forms and checklists, but not only! What is the Widget Editor

The Widget Editor is a tool that allows you to create and edit widgets.

widget can be seen as a small application, for example a form that allows the entry of personal data, or a control checklist for the maintenance of an equipment. Basically, applied to this last example of the Checklists, thanks to the Widget Editor it is possible to generate and customize different checklist templates to be used in the various audits.

We mentioned Form and Checklist but of course the editor can be used to create a lot of different templates, combining layoutstatic and input components.

For more information on the new tool and its use, please refer to the Manuals section (User manual> Widget) within the portal Academy.

The other news

Between the release of version 2.24.0 and the previous version 2.23.0, as usual, in addition to the introduction of new features, we also focused on solving some system bugs and made several improvements to the features already existing in the platform.

Among the various activities we want to highlight the translation work carried out on the platform, thanks to which we can gladly inform you that 4HSE is now also available in French and Spanish.

Release Notes: bug & Improvment

[HSE-349] Validity status now available for certificates without expiration

[HSE-348] Day count normalization for “expiring” status

[HSE-347] Project/people: hidden project column

[HSE-346] Headquarters schedule: Hidden Headquarters and Project columns

[HSE-415] Copy of work phases correctly prepared for uploading connected entities (demand, action, etc …)

[HSE-427] ActionSubscription without certificate, fix “Status” expiration interval

[HSE-426] Person filter is working

[HSE-424] Improved uploading of person attachments

[HSE-423] Form Material (PPE), it is no longer necessary to add value to the ppe_category

[HSE-418] Fixed error in action deletion

[HSE-455] Improved loading performance with more than 100 items

[HSE-448] History also working for the different indexes called with the POST

[HSE-447] Sorting in project -> Person list working

[HSE-485] Import csv: restored “hiring date” field

[HSE-484] Import of csv people working also from Headquarters/People

[HSE-529] Player operation normalization

[HSE-487] Drag and drop also works with snippets