Industry and Automotive

Health and Safety management for Industry and Automotive

Adopting the necessary prevention and protection measures to protect the health and safety of workers, setting up health monitoring and the use of common and individual protection equipment, are all compulsory and necessary actions which involve the whole world of industry, whichever sector they operate in.

The automotive industry faces rapid and frequent evolution regarding compliance to industry requirements and its goal today, as it was in the past, is to reduce accidents and injury, as well as improve the working environment throughout the automobile supply chain.

What you can do with 4HSE

Enter locations and manage information and roles

Map work environments, equipment and substances

Describe and manage work phases

Carry out risk evaluation

Enter the safety organisation chart

Manage PPEs: registration, assignment and validity

Plan training: courses and editions

Establish maintenance plans for equipment and environments

Set up health monitoring

Enter and archive documents (unlimited space)

Manage expiry dates: calendar and alerts

4HSE: The EHS software for industry and automotive

The advantages:

  1. Possibility to create locations with no cost variation
  2. Unlimited number of users
  3. Access with differentiated permits
  4. Share in real time
  5. Web-based

4HSE provides the opportunity to work together on health and safety in the work place projects creating the best possible conditions for the company.

4HSE is a web-based cloud software, which can be used on desktops and tablets and which does not require any software installation.

4HSE is a SaaS (Software as a Service) software. All up-dates and new versions of the software are free and included in your plan.

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