Make your job easy

Keep your safety in the workplace projects under control.

Worker management

For each person: tasks, training and risk assessment.

Safety training

Planning of Courses, editions and managing of certificates.

Risk assessment

PxD matrix and possibility to enter and assess custom risks.

Maintenance scheduler

Plans and maintenance orders for equipment and work environments.

Health Monitoring Plan

Health informations with medical examination and outcome registry.

hse manager

PPE management

Delivering registry and expiry date of personal Protective Equipment.

Substances and equipments

List and organisation of all the substances and equipments.

Jobs and work phases

Association of jobs and work phases description.

Incident management

Report and track incidents, audits and inspections.

Work environments

Mapping description and organisation of the workplaces.

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SaaS and Cloud

No software installation and automatic updates.

Integrated Database

Integrated Db for a fast data entry of jobs, training courses and standard risks.


Events and schedule monitoring and automated alert notifications.

Documents archive

Managing of documents and organisation of documents in different folders.

Data import & export

Import and export of data and calendar with a daily backup system.

hse software tool

Mobile friendly

Intuitive interface designed for desktop and tablet devices.


Full customizations of jobs, training, risks and more.

Automated notifications

Setting up of e-mail notifications (unlimited).

Unlimited space

No limits in upload and storage of files and documents.

Real time collaboration

Unlimited users. Sharing informations and set up different user access.

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4HSE is a web based SaaS software for EHS management. Developed for HSE manager and all the people involved in the managing of Health and Safety in the workplace.

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4HSE is aimed at corporate Protection and Prevention Officers, as well as consultants who need a tool to manage their customers’ safety projects. We have already started collaborative programs with several partners and we will be happy to start others.

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