Large-scale retail trade, Logistics and transport

Health and Safety management system for Large-scale retail trade, logistics and transport.

Monitors and controls the entire Supply chain

In the sector of the logistics as well as in the Large-scale retail trade the accidents can be caused from various variables like the structural deficiencies of the working environments, the definition of layout and disposition of the goods, decided without considering the needs of workers and the inadequacy (and lack of maintenance) of machinery and equipment.

If we then talk about transport (sea, land and air), we must consider even more variables such as: manual handling of loads, vibrations, noise, working hours, ergonomics, transport of dangerous substances.

Real-time collaboration

Sharing information

4HSE gives you the possibility to share projects with colleagues from other locations, creating differentiated access according to the role you cover.

You'll be able to add as many users to the project as you want without affecting the price.

Global management

Risk management

With the platform for safety at work you can keep track of training, health surveillance, enter work environments and work phases indicating the subjects, spaces and equipment involved so you can perform an effective risk assessment and adopt periodic maintenance and effective measures of individual protection in addition to control procedures and review.

Software As A Service


4HSE Health and safety software is delivered in SaaS (Software as a Service), a feature that guarantees you free periodic updates with enhancements and new features. All updates and new versions of the software are free and included in the price of your plan.

A suite of services

The Services included in the subscription

Not only an EHS software, but also several tools to integrate the software into your IT infrastructure, confidential plans and customization options.

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