Manages expiry dates, alerts and risk assessment

4HSE is the HSE software designed for the management of Health and Safety in the workplace. Designed for companies as well as health and safety consultants and professionals, who are looking for a single tool to manage expiry dates, risk assessment, training, PPEs, monitoring of health, maintenance, sending of alerts and other.

Thanks to the introduction of Multilanguage functions, today 4HSE offers even more freedom. The platform interface is available in English (other languages can be added on request) and it is possible to work with an unlimited number of users throughout the world to:

  • manage roles and the data of personnel
  • identify work phases
  • carry out Risk Assessment
  • generation and printing of certificates and documents
  • monitor and organize the expiry dates for:
    • training
    • PPEs
    • maintenance
    • procedures
    • monitoring of health
  • create the Safety Organizational Chart
  • archive and organize documents of all types, with relative updates
  • sent alerts to employees, external collaborators and homogeneous groups


4HSE is a SaaS available in Cloud and it does not have a license costs. It permits the user to optimize work methods and reduce time thanks to an intuitive non-binding interface which supports the users during data entry.

As well as this:

  • Many users, no licence.

Each user will have access to the platform with differentiated permits and everyone can work simultaneously on the project, without interference or increased costs.

  • One single project for all the locations or offices.

The addition of new locations has no added cost!

  • SaaS (Software as a Service).

No installation, no maintenance, no worries.

  • Take it with you, use it wherever you want.

Desktop platform and mobile use on a tablet.

  • Automatic import, export and saving of data.

Manage your data, write your reports and the backup is automatic and daily.

Use one single tool to manage the safety in the workplace in your company or that of your clients worldwide and dedicate your time to activities of added value: 4HSE has corporate solutions for companies of any size and Partnership plans for health and safety in the workplace consultants and integrated, training and workplace medical consultants.

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