Retail Chains, Logistics and Transport

Health and Safety in the Workplace management for retail chains, logistics and transport.

In the logistics sector, as with large retail chains, accidents can be caused by a large number of variables such as a lack of structure in the work environment or the layout and arrangement of goods being determined without taking into account the workers’ needs, as well as a lack of adequacy (and lack of maintenance) of machinery and equipment.

If we speak about transport (sea, land and air), we have to take into consideration even more variables, such as manual movement of loads, vibration, sound, working hours, Ergonomics, transportation of dangerous substances and so on. Also exposure to generic and specific risks.

What you can do with 4HSE

Enter locations and manage information and roles

Map work environments, equipment and substances

Describe and manage work phases

Carry out risk evaluation

Enter the safety organisation chart

Manage PPEs: registration, assignment and validity

Plan training: courses and editions

Establish maintenance plans for equipment and environments

Set up health monitoring

Enter and archive documents (unlimited space)

Manage expiry dates: calendar and alerts

4HSE the software for the management of Safety in the work place of large retail chains, logistics and transport.

The advantages:

  1. Possibility to create locations with no cost variation
  2. Unlimited number of users
  3. Access with differentiated permits
  4. System of notices and alerts
  5. Web-based

4HSE permits the management of safety projects for all its locations on a single platform, plus the projects can be managed separately.

With the safety in the workplace platform it is possible to keep track of training, health monitoring, enter environments and work phases indicating subjects, spaces and equipment involved, so as to be able to carry out efficient risk evaluation analyses and to adopt periodic maintenance and efficient individual protection measures, as well as procedures for checking and revising.

4HSE also provides the possibility to share projects with colleagues in other locations, creating differential access based on roles covered. You can add as many users as required to a project without any variation to price.

The software, as well as being on a cloud, is SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning you are guaranteed regular free up-dates with improvements and new functions.

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