New update: version 2.12.0!

New release of our EHS software!Below the details of the new version: Bug fixed [EHS-5552] – Errors during creation/deletion of a new site. [EHS-5555] – Error when opening global project. [EHS-5557] – Event Print Template Error Correction. [EHS-5559] – Problem … Read More

New update: version 2.11.0!

With the change of Season also comes the new version of our EHS platform, with new functions introduced and the resolution of some system bugs. Below is the detail of the new version: Bugs fixed [HSE-5477] – Inability to change … Read More

4HSE V.2.10.0!

Version 2.10.0 is out! New update and therefore new version of our EHS software. In addition to the normal activity of correcting some system bugs, usability improvements have also been introduced for some sections of the platform. Below is the … Read More

CSA STAR Self-Assessment

CSA STAR Self-Assessment 3.1 The Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR, program includes key principles of transparency, rigorous auditing and harmonization of standards. Companies using STAR indicate best practices and validate the security practices of their cloud offerings. In addition, the … Read More

4HSE app is here!

The 4HSE mobile app is available on the Android and iOS stores. Siamo felici di annunciare l’arrivo dell’app mobile 4HSE, disponibile per tutti i nostri clienti e inclusa nella sottoscrizione del piano. Questa prima versione dell’app è rivolta ai singoli lavoratori per … Read More

New tool: The Office copy tool!

With the latest version of the HSE management software, the possibility of duplicating a site within a safety project has been introduced. A useful feature in particular for those who have to manage multiple companies and therefore multiple safety projects, … Read More

The latest updates: 4HSE 2.0

4HSE 2.0: What changes with the latest platform update New Training section courses and editions simplified interface with training overview (completed, expired, to be delivered, etc.) issuing of personal training certificates New Maintenance section simplified interface with an overview of … Read More

Deadline management and the Schedule

Deadline management: the point after the latest software updates The latest innovations introduced in our HSE software (for more information see: Notifications and Digest: new features), have involved the whole system for managing deadlines and the schedule of the software, … Read More

Notifications and digest: new features!

New EHS platform update! The new update of 4HSE, the EHS management software, revolutionizes and improves the entire system of software notifications, maximizing the possibility of customizing this feature according to one’s needs. The news concern the possibility of: define … Read More

API documentation

APIs & Developers informations Where can I find API documentation? Documentation on all of our APIs is available by filling out the following form: API documentation request.